Bitty & Beau's Coffee Savannah

Savannah, GA

This coffee shop employing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities serves as a community anchor and gives patrons and staff alike the opportunity to see the world through a different lens. The joyful, economical design maximizes the nonprofit’s budget with high-impact and creative materials such as repurposed wood, custom millwork, and chalkboard-style graphics highlighting the company’s mission. Inventive use of materials such as live-edged wood offer a subtle but important metaphor: though we sometimes overlook materials which are “imperfect” at first glance, their individuality is what gives them character, beauty, and strength.

The dark neutral background emphasizes the colorful merchandising tables, merchandise, and menu board, along with the vibrant and playful wall graphics describing the mission of Bitty and Beau’s. Overhead string lighting with Edison bulbs creates a festive atmosphere. The stained concrete floor complements the coffee shop’s “industrial chic” aesthetic.

Because customer education is a central part of the experience, the circulation guides customers through a graphics-rich merchandise areas explaining the company’s mission, underscoring the Bitty & Beau’s mantra that “It’s More Than a Cup of Coffee.” Created by the design team, the chalkboard-style wall graphics create a light-hearted, playful, and friendly atmosphere, paying homage to the warm personalities of the employees.

RECOGNITIONS: IIDA Carolinas DesignWorks Award Design Retail Category