Ally Charlotte Center

Charlotte, NC

Ally, a disruptor in the banking industry since its inception, has been growing tremendously over the last decade and has outgrown its locations in Charlotte, North Carolina. A new development in downtown Charlotte aligned with Ally’s identity and was selected for a new singular destination. The design direction is based on key attributes the new location needed to reinforce – innovation, collaboration, diversity/inclusion, culture, and connectivity. This flexible, high-performance workplace responds to activity-based cycles throughout the workday. A “People First” ethos is reinforced by including program elements that reduce friction points for the individual, allow them to work effectively, and provide mental breaks as well as stimulation.

Ally’s social culture is considered at many different scales and includes both global and local amenities that focus on connecting with each other and to the surrounding community. Deliberate planning strategies incorporating scalable modules, common sizes and platforms create a very fluid environment, and space is organized so individuals and small teams are not distracted by collaboration and social interaction. The need for connections between groups is accommodated by careful stack planning and by linking key groups with communicating stairs to encourage serendipitous interactions. The Design aesthetic expresses Ally’s identity as a disruptor while simultaneously linking the location to the Charlotte region and its history.  The contemporary materials palette, access to expansive views and natural light, and a focus on sustainable product selection all promote wellness and harmony.