Church Street Place at Poe Mill

Greenville, SC

LS3P collaborated with United Housing Connections, Inc. and Seamon Whiteside Associates to create this initial design for 36 permanent supportive housing units for the chronically homeless in Greenville. The site, once home to two historic textile campuses in the Poe Mills neighborhood, has become a congregation point where chronically homeless people are currently living.

United Housing Connections follows a “housing first model,” meaning the organization provides housing first without conditions. After housing is secured, the organization provides supportive mental and physical health services with the goal of preventing a return to chronic homelessness. United Housing Connections will use the conceptual renderings and plans to help raise funds and public interest for this important initiative.

The exterior style echoes the area’s historic textile mill context. The design comprises three volumes: a central brick building with large windows and historical brick detailing, bookended by two simple contemporary volumes clad in a dark corrugated metal panels. The materials signify changes in program, with circulation and common spaces are located at the extremities and residential units in the center. The welcoming entrance, carved from one of volumes, is set back from the street to provide a public plaza for social interaction with landscaping and benches.

The design is anticipated to proceed into construction documents in the Fall of 2019 following completion of fundraising and development review processes with Greenville County.