Changing the Way We Look at Behavioral Health in our
Looking Back and Forging a Path Forward: A Recap of

Before we can tell a story, we must think about the type of story we want to tell, and whether it’s worth telling at all. The stories we tell through our proposals are not so different from those of novels, movies, and plays; all stories contain certain elements.

As Centene’s East Coast Headquarters project nears completion, I can
The Brand New Conference endeavors to decipher, understand, and inspire
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What does it mean to render? When we look it up in the dictionary, the expected definition appears: “to represent by artistic or verbal means.” As designers, this is our day-to-day: expressing our designs to clients and community members, making incredible spaces and places, and capturing the essence of a project. However, this isn’t the only definition of “render.” The first definition on the page is “to melt down, to extract by melting.”

Our days are filled with decisions. From when to get
When faced with a daunting task - say, designing and
In this era of global-scale challenges, there’s a small thing