Our in-house marketing team takes a Creative Agency approach, leveraging the experience, motivation, and talent of our group in print and digital marketing for creative excellence and fast-paced production. We are creatives, writers, strategists, researchers and everything in between. We are deeply committed to leveraging our team’s unique skills to elevate our brand and culture by aligning passions with process to unlock the potential in the people around us.

Responsive Marketing

Responsive marketing keeps our industry (and firm) growing. Our marketing team takes a hands-on approach to proposal and interview production, working seamlessly between our 13 sector areas and 11 office locations. We are natural collaborators, strategic thinkers, avid learners, and we are committed to advancing the mission, vision, and values of LS3P in everything that we do.

Proactive Marketing

Proactive marketing efforts present ample opportunities for our more creative team members to utilize their unique skills to amplify our brand. Whether you’re interested in graphic design, videography, web management, or anything in between, we are committed to exploring our team’s passions, and fostering personal and professional growth.

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The Power of the Pivot: The Creative Agency Approach to Marketing

Marketer Journal
April 2021

Abbie Patrick

Marketing Specialist

Autumn Delfino

Healthcare Marketing Manager

Bailey Brown

Marketing Specialist / Associate

Chelsea Heitzman

Marketing Specialist

Emma Carter

Marketing Specialist

Jennifer Dillon

Federal + Industrial Marketing Manager / Senior Associate

Jennifer Walker

Marketing Specialist

Kara Thomason

Marketing Specialist

Katie Robinson

Chief Marketing Officer / Vice President / Principal

Katie Walker-Mai

Marketing Strategy Manager / Senior Associate

Kristen Hartman

Higher Education Marketing Manager

Megan Bilgri

Marketing Specialist / Associate

Melissa Brown

Marketing Specialist

Meredith Ray

Marketing Director / Senior Associate

Olivia Gray

Urban Environments Marketing Manager / Associate

Tanya Dales

Marketing Specialist

Tyra Keene

K-12 Marketing Manager / Senior Associate

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