Jeff Mural
Behavioral Health Architect
Associate Principal

A holistic view of wellness encompasses mind and body. Healthcare practitioners today understand that the mind/body connection is profound, and that the health of one system can impact all others.

When we design spaces for behavioral health, we understand that it is vitally important to eliminate as many barriers for patients seeking treatment as possible. In providing spaces for well being, comfort, and positive engagement, we transform the perception of institutional facilities for observation and prescription into a far better experience focused on the whole patient.

Commitment to Our Communities

We leverage our commitment to the Southeast and our relationships in our communities. This is especially vital when we work to address the multi-dimensional obstacles to improving access to and quality of mental and behavioral healthcare. Our expertise and our relationships result in creative solutions when navigating funding, code compliance, safety, and therapeutic environments.


Four Key Opportunities

  • Relieve pressure on care settings
  • Normalize seeking treatment
  • Improve the health outcomes for patients
  • Create a safe and therapeutic space for patients, families and staff.

LS3P + Jeff Mural have planned or designed:

2.6+ Million SF &

2,100+ Beds

for Behavioral Health Clients

Jeff Mural

Senior Project Manager / Associate Principal

Angela Douglas

Healthcare Sector Leader / Principal

Espy Harper

LS3P Innovation Leader / Associate Principal

Ron Smith

Senior Architect / Director of Medical Planning, Raleigh / Senior Associate

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Interior Designer / Associate

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Greensboro Healthcare Sector Leader / Vice President / Principal