Johnston Community College (JCC) is embarking on an ambitious effort to envision a new Campus Master Plan.

Johnston Community College (JCC) is pleased to partner with LS3P to conceptualize a Campus Master Plan in the heart of Johnston County, NC. This master plan will implement the college’s vision to evolve JCC and can continue to adapt without compromising its core values and principles. A master plan is an incredible tool that allows Johnston Community College to re-examine campus improvements to prioritize near and long-term project goals. The Campus Master Plan is an extension of the 2021-2026 Strategic Plan. It guides the physical development of our campus, providing a short and long-term framework that is clear, flexible, and implementable. The Plan shall serve as a living document that is visionary and adaptable to change. We will continue collaborating to capture students, faculty, staff and partners' points of view with a robust community engagement plan.

The new campus master plan intends to create a dynamic, nurturing environment that builds on its inclusive culture, regional position within one of the fastest-growing counties in the nation, and the momentum of workforce demand and enriched academic programming.

This flexible master plan will articulate JCC’s “One College, Endless Opportunities” vision to enhance the quality of campus life and outline steps, phases, and options for implementing a new campus within the region. The 175-acre existing main campus has provided the core facilities within a picturesque landscape offering over 35 occupational programs of study as well as numerous continuing education courses. The existing main campus is located near the junction of I-95 and US 70, with three satellite centers within 14 miles or less of the main campus offering complementary programs.
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New Campus Master Plan Process

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