Success = Flourishing Communities

Successful community and technical college designs are more than “brick and mortar” solutions. These facilities welcome the campus community and provide accessible, affordable education geared toward student success. They house the specialized laboratories and equipment that help to build up local and regional workforces, preparing students for highly skilled jobs in high demand. They are flexible, supporting industries’ changing technologies and demands. And they showcase amenities, resources, and services that improve residents’ quality of life.

It is the story of each campus, deeply understood, that drives LS3P to create distinctive, purposeful spaces that meet today’s needs while responding to future growth, evolving technologies, and new programs.

Stakeholder engagement is at the core of our design process. Simply listening to the needs of your students, faculty, staff, administration, and the surrounding community leads to exceptional design results. We are at our strongest when we listen intently, integrate knowledge from diverse disciplines, draw from a variety of experience and perspectives, and engage with our communities to demonstrate that our differences are also our strengths. Inclusiveness improves communities and strengthens the work we do together. Equitable practices celebrate our diversity while respecting and valuing all voices.

We seek a deep understanding of your campus’s culture and parameters, as well as your unique values and goals. LS3Ps inclusive and collaborative design process begins with an interactive Visioning session to build consensus among stakeholders through rapid-start tactics. These initial discussions clarify and formulate your project objectives, parameters, and criteria for success and develop a unique, strategic road map for subsequent project stages. Engaging your campus stakeholders in project design generates enthusiasm and support, and Visioning workshops can uncover “big ideas” that tailor design to your vision.

LS3P is proud to have designed and delivered projects for 92 colleges and universities across the Southeast, including 43 community and technical colleges across the Carolinas and Georgia. We are well-versed in the unique challenges of college campus design. As stewards of public and environmental resources, LS3P embraces building methods that prioritize economy and resiliency without sacrificing aesthetic or functional quality. Our campus facilities can accommodate a wide range of functions and are flexible enough to anticipate new systems and technologies. When we reduce wasted energy, water, materials, budget, and time, our communities and the whole planet benefit.

Above all else, LS3P strives to understand, help define, and realize your vision. Like community and technical colleges, we are deeply committed to the communities we serve, and our goal is to design meaningful, inspiring places. Our mission, to “engage, design, and transform,” is our commitment, our guiding principle, and, indeed, our philosophy.

Successful community and technical college designs are reflected in the success of students and surrounding communities.

Shawn Moorehead Sowers, AIA
Higher Education Practice Leader

Melanie Rose
Higher Education Marketing Coordinator

Christopher E. Roberts, AIA
Raleigh Higher Education Sector Leader

Prescott (Scott) D. May, AIA
Greenville Higher Education Sector Leader

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Charlotte Higher Education Studio Leader

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Columbia Office Leader

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Charleston Higher Education Sector Leader

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Savannah Office Leader

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Myrtle Beach Office Leader

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Wilmington Office Leader