Causing a Stir

International Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach

Any chef will tell you that a successful dish requires layers of flavors. Seasoning at every stage of the process helps to balance ingredients and textures to create an integrated composition. In the finished dish, we can read the hierarchy of the elements; some central, some subtle, but all contribute to the multi-sensory experience.

So it is in design.

LS3P teamed with Myrtle Beach architecture firm Mozingo Wallace on the design. Mozingo Wallace had studied a number of culinary arts precedents for their design proposal, and among them was LS3P’s design for the Culinary Institute of Charleston. This informative case study process led to engaging discussions between the architects and, ultimately, a productive and serendipitous professional relationship. In addition to serving as the expert in higher ed culinary teaching facilities for the project, LS3P was responsible for the interior architecture and building planning, and collaborated on the overall building concept.

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