Outpatient Healthcare A New Medical Home for Patients and Community Care Settings Outpatient healthcare helps to shift the focus from hospital-scale to patient-scale. In addition to making lower-acuity procedures less stressful and more accessible, medical office buildings can play a critical role in wellness and preventative care through education and other programs. Our current healthcare landscape will continue to rely
Designing for Resilience Adapting Facilities for the COVID Era As our businesses and public spaces begin to reopen across the country, few places will function exactly the way they did before “COVID-19” and “physical distancing” were part of the common lexicon. We have experienced rapid global change at a scale few could have imagined just months ago. Our knowledge continues
COVID-19's Effect on the Workplace Although the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will not be understood for some time, the workplace as we know it will certainly change. We must strategize new ways to learn and grow from what we are experiencing in order to make the workplace as safe and healthy as possible for all. Employers are now