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Fine Art Meets Fine Design The Vendue Hotel Renovation When Charleston was first settled in 1670 at the intersection of the Ashley and Cooper Rivers, it was a humble outpost in the South Carolina marshlands, far from civilization. My, how things have changed. By the late 1700s, Charleston had become a bustling port city with a thriving economy. The City
Smooth Sailing The Cotton Sail Hotel Stroll across Savannah’s manicured squares or wander through the orderly grid of the old city, and you’re sure to feel as though you’d stepped back in time. Spanish moss sways languidly in the coastal breeze, and the stately homes quietly observe the rhythms of the workaday world, as they have for hundreds of years.
Best Foot Forward The Spectator Back in the Roaring Twenties, a young man wishing to express a certain brand of bold elegance- moxie, if you will- would have but one choice in footwear: the Spectator shoe. A high-fashion, two-toned, brogued leather wingtip, the Spectator sauntered about on the edges of reputable society on the feet of gangsters, jazz musicians, and