Healing the Mind as well as the Body Integrated behavioral healthcare for treating the whole person A holistic view of wellness encompasses mind and body. Healthcare practitioners today understand that the mind/body connection is profound, and that the health of one system can impact all others. However, while challenges to healthcare access exist across the continuum of care, barriers to
Guilford County & Sandhills Behavioral Health Center Realizing that a viable solution to this complex problem would require an innovative approach, a small group of passionate people from different institutions in Greensboro, NC came together to propose a new plan. Three entities - Cone Health, Guilford County, and Sandhills Center - formed a unique partnership dedicated to expanding behavioral healthcare
Modern Minds MUSC Brain Health Where do we go when we need to relax, recharge, and quiet our busy minds? For some, it may be the comforts of home we crave - a soft couch, a private space, and an environment we can control. For others, it might be a spa - serenity, soft colors, and gentle light. Some may
Outpatient Healthcare A New Medical Home for Patients and Community Care Settings Outpatient healthcare helps to shift the focus from hospital-scale to patient-scale. In addition to making lower-acuity procedures less stressful and more accessible, medical office buildings can play a critical role in wellness and preventative care through education and other programs. Our current healthcare landscape will continue to rely