Unparalleled Parking Experience An overview of our parking deck portfolio LS3P is an industry leader in planning and design for transportation facilities. Whether for airports, parking decks, or multimodal facilities, transportation designs must provide a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for users. We identify, research, and develop best practices for this industry, and we successfully implement these ideas into complex,
Building Towards the Future Aeronautical Training Center at Trident Technical College According to the South Carolina Department of Commerce, in 2019 the aerospace industry employed over 22,000 South Carolinians at 400 firms, with a statewide impact of $19 billion a year. Much of that activity has been driven by Boeing, which located its 1.2 million SF 787 Dreamliner final assembly
Have a Nice Flight Charlotte Douglas International Airport Ah, air travel. We don our finest clothes, wait in luxurious gateside lounges where we are treated like royalty, board an expansive shiny aircraft with spacious and luxurious seats, and exchange greetings with a chipper stewardess in a posh hat who welcomes us with cocktails and a lobster dinner. It’s seamless! It’s