Six Feet Apart, Together Maximizing Your Current Schools While Physical Distancing School systems around the nation are grappling with the complexities of opening their facilities to varying degrees this fall. Doing so as safely as possible will require creative solutions to implement CDC and other public health guidelines for physical distancing, face coverings, handwashing, and operational strategies for continuous cleaning.
Building Towards the Future Aeronautical Training Center at Trident Technical College According to the South Carolina Department of Commerce, in 2019 the aerospace industry employed over 22,000 South Carolinians at 400 firms, with a statewide impact of $19 billion a year. Much of that activity has been driven by Boeing, which located its 1.2 million SF 787 Dreamliner final assembly
Designing for Resilience Adapting Facilities for the COVID Era As our businesses and public spaces begin to reopen across the country, few places will function exactly the way they did before “COVID-19” and “physical distancing” were part of the common lexicon. We have experienced rapid global change at a scale few could have imagined just months ago. Our knowledge continues
Physical Distancing in Formal Campus Learning Spaces As higher education institutions work through the endless logistics of returning to campus, all are facing common problems including incorporating physical distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC and public health experts. Formal learning spaces, including classrooms, lecture halls, and seminar rooms, can meet these guidelines at lower occupancies than their design capacities.
COVID-19's Effect on the Workplace Although the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will not be understood for some time, the workplace as we know it will certainly change. We must strategize new ways to learn and grow from what we are experiencing in order to make the workplace as safe and healthy as possible for all. Employers are now
Transformation Tuesday: Work from Home Edition, Finding the Silver Linings These are strange times. Nobody who is experiencing the spring of 2020 is likely to forget it. It started with a dangerous virus which for weeks had felt far away becoming, suddenly, very local. The early stages of denial that something like this could ever happen here in the Southeast
2019 Year in Review LS3P We are pleased to report that LS3P's 56th year was successful, productive, and rewarding! 2019 was a year of continued political upheaval and came with many global challenges, but it also brought us exciting opportunities to be leaders in our profession. Read more...
Putting It All on the Line Skygarden Apartments Designing buildings for the present tense is a substantial task. Designing buildings which also honor a rich, storied past adds another element of complexity. Designing a building which accommodates the present, the past, and an evolving civic future? That challenge can bring exciting opportunities which elevate a design to the next level.
2018 Year in Review LS3P We are pleased to report our 55th year was very successful for LS3P. 2018 brought exciting opportunities as well as significant global challenges; together, we navigated both and finished the year strong and focused. Read more...
Faith: Contemporary Design Contemporary Faith-Based Project Overview LS3P is extremely passionate about working with Faith clients to design inspiring, timeless facilities for worship. Our significant portfolio of traditional church designs is rooted in the heritage, values, and beliefs which make each faith community unique. Using classic architectural details and established forms, we are highly skilled at creating spaces which are