Modern Minds MUSC Brain Health Where do we go when we need to relax, recharge, and quiet our busy minds? For some, it may be the comforts of home we crave - a soft couch, a private space, and an environment we can control. For others, it might be a spa - serenity, soft colors, and gentle light. Some may
Centene East Coast Headquarters This new East Coast headquarters for Centene, a pioneering, multi-national health care enterprise, preserves the site’s natural beauty and advances the client’s mission to transform the health of our community. Located on a desirable 80-acre site in Uptown Charlotte’s University Research Park, the new campus paves the way for the next generation of offices focused on top-tier
The Heart of a Community North Ridge Elementary School A school is an integral part of its community. This is particularly true for elementary schools, which bring together not only students and staff but also a small army of parents, volunteers, and siblings whose daily rhythms harmonize with the school day. School pick-up and drop-off in a tightly knit community
Old Buildings, New Stories Grace Church: Greer Campus & Anderson Campus Grace Church, a fast-growing congregation in the Greenville, SC area, has 10 locations operating with hybrid model that allows for both unity and individuality. Each campus has its own pastor but shares resources across all locations; a taped sermon is broadcast weekly at all locations in conjunction with live
Community and Technical College Experience Successful community and technical college designs are more than “brick and mortar” solutions. These facilities welcome the campus community and provide accessible, affordable education geared toward student success. They house the specialized laboratories and equipment that help to build up local and regional workforces, preparing students for highly skilled jobs in high demand. They are
Catch and Release: Coastal Resilience and Water Inundation in the Southeast by Nicholas Bilgri In the context of architecture and urban planning, resilience is not a product that can be specified, or a certificate that can be achieved with a checklist. Guidelines are helpful, but to achieve truly resilient communities, designers must go beyond that binding framework. Architects and urban
Where Region Meets Building by Darrell Puffer and Ting Wang At first glance, a region may appear relatively uniform in terms of culture, geography, and climate. Careful mapping of regional data, however, reveals diverse patterns in motion across both regional geography and climate. LS3P’s office locations cover an area that spans the Blue Ridge, the Piedmont, the Sandhills, and the
Adaptive Reuse of Big Box Stores and Malls Author: Christina Meyer, National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) Fellow, with guidance from LS3P For decades the mall was a beacon of economic success and a highlight of American ideals. Malls brought about massive job creation, presented a fun and engaging outlet for time and money, and gave generations of Americans a
Industrial Trends & Overview The Southeast US is particularly well positioned to take advantage of strong anticipated growth in the industrial market. A number of trends, from the rise of ecommerce to growth in onshoring, will lead to the continued demand for industrial facilities of all types; the last decade has seen a steady rise in advanced manufacturing across the
Designing for the City Fabric Urban Infill The history of America is filled with stories of cities. Urban populations may rise and decline with demographic trends, but one thing is certain: the current trend is towards significant urban growth, and this growth shows no signs of slowing. People are moving to cities for employment, cultural and social opportunities, and a