Military & Government Secure Facilities We design safe, secure, and functional military installations. By integrating these considerations into the design and planning of military installations, we create environments that prioritize safety, security, and functionality to support mission success while protecting personnel, assets, and sensitive information. Read more...
Military & Government Strategic Design We plan, design, and construction to support strategic military objectives. LS3P has earned a reputation for taking on aggressive design and construction schedules and completing projects that well exceed the clients' expectations. Our enduring client relationships are a cornerstone of our business, and we are honored by the fact that the majority of our work
Transforming the Senior Experience Environments for Senior Living Senior living design should offer comfort, flexibility, connectivity and a gracious lifestyle. In contrast to the institutional, isolated environment of the stereotypical “nursing homes” of the past, a senior living home offers appealing, engaging choices for just about everyone. From Life Plan Communities with modern, wellness focused amenities to state-of-the-art Assisted Living,
Designs for Community Civic Portfolio LS3P has designed over 500 projects for civic clients across the country. From cultural institutions to public safety facilities, municipal offices, and everything in between, we are committed to modern and sustainable designs that enhance livability for communities across the region.   Read more…
Hospitality Overview From hotels, to clubhouses, cafes and more, LS3P designs hospitality experiences that exceed expectations.   Read more...
Branded Environments: Cultivating Connections A branded environment extends beyond using a specific color palette or logo, it is an identity woven into the framework of your space. Branded environments are no longer limited to multi-billion dollar organizations. We experience and interact with branded environments daily- from schools, hospitals, airports, offices, hotels, museums, and churches. These carefully crafted spaces utilize both
Multifamily Portfolio LS3P is an architecture, interiors, and planning firm celebrating 60 years of design excellence. With deep regional roots and a national reach, we offer large-firm expertise and resources with small-firm relationships and service. In everything we do, we’re guided by our vision: In our commitment to the Southeast, we create architecture that enriches community through a culture of
2022 Year in Review After two years of near-constant change, 2022 gave us a chance to breathe, take stock, return to a greater sense of normalcy, and truly appreciate the people around us. The world doesn’t look like 2019 anymore, but it no longer looks like 2020, either. We are not only adapting to the “new normal,” but also thriving
UNC Greensboro Nursing & Instructional Building Focus on the Framework UNC Greensboro’s new 180,000 SF Nursing & Instructional Building is tailor-made to support the wide variety of instructional modalities required for an intensive, hands-on nursing, health sciences, and sciences education. Designed by LS3P in association with SmithGroup, the building provides state-of-the-art simulation, research, and classroom space for UNCG’s School of
Myrtle Beach Arts and Innovation Vision Book An overview of  the future Myrtle Beach Arts and Innovation District. LS3P was selected to provide city planning, branding, and architectural services to design all buildings and grounds within the Arts + Innovation District. The firm’s advance plans distilled the District into a series of actionable, prioritized steps that were guided by a