2021 Year in Review

2021 was a long year. A pandemic peak, a national crisis, an inauguration. Massive vaccine campaigns, renewed optimism, an early summer teaser of a return to normalcy, and the Delta variant. Simultaneous climate events, in-person weddings and reunions, supply chain roller coasters. A ship stuck in the Suez Canal. Overdue vacations, thoroughly enjoyed. A rover and a helicopter drone on Mars. Omicron.

We returned to some things cautiously; other things are still on hold. The Olympics happened a year late. Adele released a new album. The U.S. left Afghanistan. Captain Kirk went to space. Through this roller coaster of a year, the seasons changed, and the earth turned. We learned to live with uncertainty, but we didn’t love it. We practiced resilience, leaned in on optimism, enjoyed real successes, and above all, were grateful for the people who keep us balanced and joyful along the way.

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