2020 Year in Review

Most years have a familiar pace. January is brisk and full of plans; the spring brings a season of steady, pleasant work. The summer eases just a bit, and everyone takes turns taking vacations. We’re back at full throttle for an industrious fall, and the end of the year comes with both joyous celebrations and a rush of activity to get our goals for the year over the finish line. Along the way we enjoy the predictable rhythm of events, both personal and professional, that serve as mileposts: birthdays and holidays, industry conferences and monthly staff meetings, the NCAA tournament and summer music festivals, recognitions, and even the annual review process.

The extraordinary events of 2020 upended those familiar cycles. January proceeded as expected, and on February 3 the firm was delighted to welcome Marc Marchant as our new CEO. By the end of that month, the whole world was talking about the rapidly spreading “novel coronavirus” causing COVID-19.

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