Walnut Ridge Residence

Walnut Ridge

The design of Walnut Ridge is inspired by the owner’s interest and heritage, ascribing to a contemporary Pan Asian aesthetic. The horizontal emphasis of the home is periodically modulated by groups of double-height window compositions. These devices diminish the impact of the home upon its site atop the brow of a low hill, and also frame views to nearby Horseshoe Lake and the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains beyond.

A stone and timber entry gate, evocative of a traditional Japanese torii, invites guests to experience an arrival sequence centered upon the home’s courtyard water garden. The entry’s trellis-framed passage leads guests onto a latticed wooden bridge which crosses a shallow pool. The bridge lands in the forecourt of the doorway into the home. The interior of the residence is designed as a collection of individual spaces wrapping around the private courtyard pool, and offers an air of introspective reflection. The more public exterior facades of the home provide broad views into the woodlands and lake.

The ground floor rooms consist of the entry foyer, dining room, kitchen, family room, study, guest suite, and covered terraces. The double-height family room features paired window walls that provide a dramatic vista toward the lake. Bamboo, river-washed stone, flat-stacked fieldstone, and cedar timbers and trellises form a palette of natural materials, defining the Asian formal constructs which connect this home and achieve a balance between earth, water, and sky.