LS3P is a multidisciplinary firm offering planning, urban design, and architecture services to a wide variety of clients nationwide. Central to all regions of the Southeast with twelve offices in four states, LS3P is committed to bringing state-of-the-art design, planning, and expertise of a strong regional firm closer to our clients on a local level.

Our Process Embodies Our Philosophy

Four Key Services Areas

Our Urban Environments practice is energized by solving cities’ toughest challenges. We bring together the intelligence of policy & planning, architecture & design, and development & real estate under one roof to supercharge our four core areas of expertise: Urban Design, Urban Planning, Development Advisory, and Large-Scale Mixed-Use Design.

Urban Design

We envision, design, document and realize public realm, streetscapes, and urban open space through the following typical services:

Master Planning
Design Guidelines
Public Realm Design
Streetscape Design
Urban Open Space Design
Site Selection
Site Planning & Design

Urban Planning

We plan, manage, and facilitate large scale thinking and systems to help move cities forward through the following typical services:

Comprehensive Planning
Downtown Planning
Area Planning
Corridor Planning
UDO & Zoning Code Writing
Community Engagement

Development Advisory

We advise and manage the redevelopment of complicated parcels on behalf of cities through the following typical services:

P3 Blueprint & Strategic Advisory
P3 Facilitation & Management
Site Assemblages
RFQ/RFP Preparation
Public Policy Advisory
Economic Incentives Advisory
Development Partner Outreach

Large Scale Mixed-Use

We envision, design, document and realize large-scale mixed-use projects for private developers through the following typical services:

Site Feasibility
Master Planning
Concept Design, SD, DD, and CA

On the Boards

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Featured Team Members

Allison Marble

Urban Designer I

Ashleigh Ogden

Emerging Professional / Urban Designer

Brooke Young

Urban Designer I

Deborah Lukan

Charlotte Workplace Sector Leader

Kara O’Hearn

Urban Designer

Michael Southard

Urban Designer III

Michael Wagner

Senior Designer

Neha Baraskar

Senior Urban Designer

Nick Bilgri

Urban Designer I

Olivia Gray

Urban Environments Marketing Manager / Associate

Patterson Campbell

Senior Designer / Associate Principal

Phil Oliver

Project Manager / Associate Principal

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