Nathan Asire, AIA

Project Manager

Senior Associate

Nathan Asire’s passion is designing beautiful, functional, and timeless buildings that enhance worship and where believers can feel at home as they unite in worship. His desire is to develop spaces that both excite the soul and magnify the Lord (Psalm 34:3). His calling is to work at the intersection of architecture and faith – the seen and the unseen – in the buildings for the church. He has a never-ending desire to get every aspect of the project right, from the big picture down all the way down to the smallest details.

Nathan, who earned both a Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science in Design from Clemson University, loves working with churches and seeing the congregation come to life through the devoted efforts of people joining together to make a building project happen. Nathan believes that God does indeed care about the design of the buildings that bear His name and are used in His service; a good church building still has the incredible opportunity to help enable and amplify the mission of the church.