The Jasper

Charleston, SC

The design for the new Jasper is based on a “building in the park” concept. Positioned in the center of the site with generous green setbacks from the surrounding streets, the building is surrounded by public amenities including Colonial Lake, Moultrie Playground, and the Ashley River Walk. The gardens surrounding the buildings preserved the site’s existing grand oak trees.

The mixed-use building, inspired by details from the historic People’s Building, Fort Sumter House, and Francis Marion Hotel, features retail, office, and residential units which wrap a concealed parking deck. The taller residential building references a traditional Charleston vernacular with a highly expressive articulated base, an elegant simple center shaft, and classical articulated upper levels that celebrate the cornice and frieze details at the roof. The elegant materials palette of cast stone, brick, ornate steel, and aluminum carry over to the mixed-use building, with upscale finishes accent the interior.


Associate Architect: Antunovich Associates

Developer: The Beach Company