Spring Street Parking Deck

Greenville, SC

Drawing upon our extensive experience in urban and mixed use development, LS3P proposed that the deck be configured to facilitate shared site-development with residential/retail buildings at the Washington Street and McBee Street ends of the site. This site organization offers immediate financial return to the City through private residential investment and allowed the design team to concentrate architectural facade treatment on the main Spring Street face of the building.

The architectural design reinforces the red-brick character of the historic center of Greenville, providing a street level arcade, and giving vertical emphasis to an otherwise horizontal building. The facade treatment successfully masks the sloping plates of the parking ramps. The brille-soleils add textured shadowing to the exterior. The glazed stairway enclosures act as night time lanterns and draws visual emphasis to pedestrian access points. The vehicle entrance is expressed as a portal. The building is constructed in precast concrete on deep foundations. The brick facade was designed for construction as exterior load-bearing reinforced masonry or veneer masonry on precast. The structure is disguised for two stories of vertical expansion. The functional layout of the deck accommodates entry and exit from both Brown and Spring Streets, with revenue control systems for both card access and pay-per-visit customers.

To assist the City of Greenville in soliciting development proposals, LS3P prepared conceptual designs for multi-level residential/retail buildings on the Washington and McBee development parcels.



ASSOCIATE ARCHITECT: Craig, Gaulden and Davis

FEATURES INCLUDE: 912-Parking Spaces; Enclosed Stairways; Pedestrian Access; Future Expansion Capabilities