One80 Place

Charleston, SC

With a mission to end and prevent homelessness “one person at a time, one family at a time,” One80 Place provides comprehensive services including housing, temporary shelter, healthcare, legal services, veterans assistance, job training, work experience, and meals. One80 Place’s newest facility will greatly expand its capacity with a design that appears rooted in Charleston’s neighborhood fabric. The large structure is broken into smaller volumes to maintain a residential scale, meeting the street with pedestrian-friendly storefronts, a café staffed by graduates of One80 Place’s culinary training program, and an inviting colonnade leading guests into the site.

The six-story building accommodates 70 apartment units for extremely low income individuals, a 64-bed family center for homeless women and children, office space, and a variety of amenities and gathering spaces. The modern, open interior borrows from a contemporary hospitality palette to feel as welcoming as a high-end hotel. Bright colors, family-friendly spaces, natural light, and conveniences such as a mail center and a computer center create a sense of security and inclusion.