Grace Church - Greer

Greer, SC

This new church campus occupies two historic downtown storefronts separated by an open courtyard. The design celebrates the history of the buildings, one of which was a local Ford dealership, with architectural elements referencing classic car lines. Original brick, exposed structure, salvaged stamped aluminum ceiling and molding, and original painted signage on the brick exterior merge with contemporary elements to create a timeless aesthetic. The worship space is located in the former automotive service bays, and the facility is designed and renovated to qualify for historic preservation certification.

The design reaches out to connect with the city, with a courtyard providing a public walkway between the streetscape and a new parking garage while also creating a covered walkway between the buildings. A new entry correlates with the church’s other campuses without distracting from the historic character, and a “band shell” area backed by glass garage doors faces the adjacent city park. The facility also created shared spaces for an adjacent doctor’s office.