Claymont Transportation Center

Claymont, DE

The design for the new Claymont Transportation Center will honor the site’s history as a former steel production plant, with historical elements of the greater Claymont area providing an updated image for passengers connecting to the commuter rail line. This concept will serve as a launching point for the greater vision of the site as additional elements are developed in conjunction with the framework established in this project. LS3P is coordinating multiple organizations including the Delaware Department of Transportation, AMTRAK, SEPTA, and other local entities to align platform, tower and bridge connections in accordance with strict rail regulations.

The architectural elements on the site, including the parking structure, bridge, towers, and canopies, will all share a common aesthetic vocabulary which is drawn from the historical quality of the adjacent built environment and the neighboring stations along this rail line. A palette of brick and steel mimics the turn of the century structural and cast-iron shapes, many of which date back to the steel mill that existed on site prior to this project. The design pays homage to the industrial roots of Claymont, while providing the local population with a state-of-the-art replacement to their existing outdated access point to the SEPTA commuter rail lines.


IN ASSOCIATION WITH: JMT, Architect/Engineer of Record