Charlotte Douglas International Airport Business Valet Parking Decks

Charlotte, NC

In 2008, CLT management elected to proceed with a remote facility to accommodate their growing curbside valet program. In 2009, LS3P/TWG had master-planned a remote CLT owned property approximately 1.5 miles from the terminal building to accommodate up to 4 new parking decks. The first of these is the Business Valet Parking Deck (BVPD) located off of Wilkinson Boulevard and only a three minute shuttle bus ride to the main terminal. The Business Valet Parking Phase I is a four-story, post-tensioned cast-in-place parking deck totaling approximately 1,100,000 SF and 3,200 spaces. Separate cast-in-place helices provide the vertical vehicular transportation while open air stairwells and glass enclosed stair/elevator cores carry customers and employees vertically to the four levels. Open, flat floor plates without the obstruction of ramps or shear walls allow unobstructed views and common circulation throughout each level. Business Valet customer service transactions take place within the 6,000 SF Customer Service Building within Level 2 of the parking deck. Airport shuttles pickup and drop-off, public restrooms, transaction counters and a second story mezzanine for the valet management offices are all functions within the Customer Service Building. An ancillary office area was designed for future amenities such as dry cleaning drop-off/pickup or concessions. The Phase I project was completed in 2011.

Having the Business Valet service proven very successful, in 2014 LS3P/TWG was then tasked to design Phase II of the project; a similar five-story, 4,000 space post tensioned, cast-in-place concrete parking deck located adjacent to Phase I and connected by an overhead pedestrian bridge. The deck reflected the aesthetics and vocabulary of the Phase I project. Phase II is designed to be expanded by an additional 1,500 cars should it become necessary for additional spaces.

Each phase of the BVPD was designed to work with a future APM to carry passengers from the parking decks to the main terminal approximately one mile away. Also, this APM station was located to facilitate easy transfers from an adjacent City of Charlotte light rail station located adjacent to the site on Wilkinson Boulevard.





SF: 1,100,000

FEATURES INCLUDE: Curbside Valet; Vertical Helices; Open air Stairwells; Customer Service Center (6,000 SF); Pedestrian Bridge