Charlotte Christian School

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Christian School serves grades K-12 and is comprised of a lower school, middle school and upper school. LS3P designed a series of projects based on a comprehensive, well-considered Master Plan that outlined the patient development of the 46-acre campus. The phased plan included a 518-seat Worship and Performing Arts Center and the Hendrick Center for Arts and Science with STEaM multi-disciplinary space for the lower school curriculum. The lab includes computer stations at the perimeter, flexible space in the center, an interior/exterior wet bench, and an adjustable ceiling assembly to facilitate physics experiments and other demonstrations. The vertical element expands the traditional boundaries of an instructional space, and the design of the lab promotes student collaboration and multimodal learning.

Additions to the lower school, middle school, upper school and gymnasium upgraded campus facilities, accommodated academic priorities and supported the strategic vision for the campus.