Charleston County Aviation Authority Parking Garage

Charleston, SC

This conceptual design for Charleston County Aviation Authority will re-imagine the airport entry process to create a pleasant, seamless traveler experience. A new parking garage, surface lot, roadway improvements, and associated walkways will streamline the process of arriving at the airport and create a sense of arrival. The new design will help passengers navigate easily, locate the correct lane, identify available parking, and enjoy a short walk to the terminals. The design will likewise facilitate returning to the car and a smooth exit and payment process.

The improvements will prioritize pedestrian safety, ease of use, and a welcoming experience. The design will draw from a materials palette, scale, and form which emphasize natural, human-scale elements appropriate to Charleston’s built environment. From a well-lit, attractive, and quiet garage interior to thoughtfully landscaped processional routes, the improvements will provide an inviting gateway between the city and the airport.

Integrated technology throughout will help to reduce traveler stress and maximize convenience. In addition to graphics and signage, creative lighting elements at stairwells will highlight vertical circulation to assist with way-finding and contribute to a memorable, pleasant traveler experience. The design will maintain the easy-to-use, friendly, and attractive atmosphere already in place while accommodating growth in airport capacity and increased need for parking.