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Now entering my fifth decade in the architectural profession, I reflect upon my own personal experiences and realize – yes, much work for woman’s equality has yet to be done. But there has also been advancement. The bar has been raised and it is up to all of us to push it further to create an ever more just, diverse, and equitable world for everyone. Change can happen.

Seacoast Church ExpansionMount Pleasant, SC This new 2,400 seat worship

In the not-too-distant past, it was common to view materials through a “cradle to grave” lens. Raw materials would be harvested and turned into products, which would then serve a purpose. These products would eventually break, wear out, or go out of style, at which point they would be discarded and never thought of again. The flow of materials was linear, with a starting point and an ending point.

The higher education market has seen substantial shifts in teaching pedagogy in recent years. When design began for Clemson University’s College of Business in 2015, Clemson wanted to create academic and faculty space with a greater emphasis on collaboration and critical thinking.

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