K-12 EDUCATION: Designs for Learning

The impact of a school on its students, teachers, and community is tremendous. When we design schools with optimal learning and the well-being of students at the forefront, we demonstrate that our society cares about education. Our opportunity to shape the future is significant, and we endeavor to provide a design which facilitates learning and inspires your students.

Meet our Team

Our K-12 team brings knowledge, experience, and passion to your project. We’re invested in our communities, as designers and as people.  We offer local presence, with the added support of our wider LS3P network of resources, technology, and multi-disciplinary expertise.

View our Foresights

In generating the best design for your school, we draw on our 90-year history of K-12 school design as well as our up-to-date knowledge of new models for learning.  We are committed to keeping up with the trends that impact these design decisions and share our thoughts in our Foresight postings.

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