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LS3P has designed and delivered projects for over 115 college and university campuses throughout the Southeast, including 13 of North Carolina’s 17 public universities and 35 of North Carolina’s 58 community colleges, and we believe that each project is unique. We are well-versed in the challenges and processes which are particular to campus design including working with academic calendars, navigating funding mechanisms, and designing for both immediate needs and long-term flexibility. We work at all scales from small renovations to campus master plans, and we enjoy the challenges inherent in campus design.

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Community and Technical College Experience

Rising Demand, Growing Opportunities: Allied Health Career Training Programs

Future Forward: Advanced Manufacturing Training Facilities Create Real Results for a New Economy

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Project Delivery Methods

Shawn Sowers
Higher Education Practice Leader

Charles Boney
Senior Project Manager

Chris Roberts
Studio Leader

Brian Tiede
Higher Education Sector Leader

Ginna Freyaldenhoven
Office Leader