Need copy of our K-12 team here and change background image. The impact of a school on its students, teachers, and community is tremendous. When we design schools with optimal learning and the well-being of students at the forefront, we demonstrate that our society cares about education. Our opportunity to shape the future is significant, and we endeavor to provide a design which facilitates learning and inspires your students.


Paul Boney, FAIA

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Allen Taylor

Studio Leader / Vice President / Principal

Emily Ewing

Interior Designer

Emily Kite

Senior Project Manager / Asheville K-12 Education Sector Leader / Associate Principal

Eric Aichele

Senior Project Manager / Vice President / Principal

Jaime Henderson

Greenville K-12 Sector Leader / Architect / Associate Principal

Jimmy Wilhide

Architect | Senior Project Manager / Senior Associate

John Hughes

Senior Project Manager / Architect / Associate Principal

Katherine Peele

Chair / Chief Practice Officer / Principal

Mary Beth Sims Branham

Columbia Office Leader / Vice President / Principal

Matt Bramstedt

Wilmington K-12 Sector Leader / Associate