Future Forward: Advanced Manufacturing Training Facilities Create Real Results for a New Economy In a rapidly changing economy, one truth unites people across the country: more jobs - and better jobs - are a good thing for everyone. When companies bring new jobs to an area, this job growth not only benefits employees, but also creates ripple effects that extend
2018 Year in Review LS3P We are pleased to report our 55th year was very successful for LS3P. 2018 brought exciting opportunities as well as significant global challenges; together, we navigated both and finished the year strong and focused. Read more...
Faith: Contemporary Design Contemporary Faith-Based Project Overview LS3P is extremely passionate about working with Faith clients to design inspiring, timeless facilities for worship. Our significant portfolio of traditional church designs is rooted in the heritage, values, and beliefs which make each faith community unique. Using classic architectural details and established forms, we are highly skilled at creating spaces which are
Skyline Rising 300 South Tryon Willa Cather once wrote, “Either a building is part of a place or it is not. Once that kinship is there, time will only make it stronger.” What is it that creates that kinship between a building and its locale? How do architects design buildings which become part of the fabric of their communities, buildings
Under the Live Oak Wando Mount Pleasant Library Libraries loom large in our childhood memories. From those who are old enough to remember rifling through the card catalog to the youngsters whose trips to the library include time spent watching the book bot do its work, all who love the library are connected by the shared experience of seeking and
The Architecture of Compassion Homelessness, Housing and Hope Homelessness is a complicated issue, one that touches people of every age and race, and from every state in the nation. A third of homeless people are in families with children. Many are youth living on their own, or veterans, or people with disabilities. Some are employed. People may experience a brief
Glow-Up: Celebrating Girl Power Girls Leadership Academy of Wilmington First generation college students often begin their educations with a mountain to climb. They may not have the same financial resources as their counterparts with a family history of higher education. They may not have the same frameworks for navigating challenges, and they may not have access to the same levels
Sailing New Waves MUSC Health R. Keith Summey Medical Pavilion A trip to a surgical center can be a bewildering experience that combines the emotional stress of treating an injury or illness with practical hassles such as navigating traffic and finding parking in unfamiliar territory. The anxiety can be exponentially greater for pediatric patients and their families. In developing the
Recreation Experience Overview For LS3P, the idea of transformation is a call to advance clients through a process and approach that culminates in better projects and enriched experiences for individuals, organizations and communities. Transformation means that our designs have lasting impact. Clients realize dramatic improvements in capacity, efficiency, effectiveness and enjoyment through the experience and operation of their project. The
Fine Art Meets Fine Design The Vendue Hotel Renovation When Charleston was first settled in 1670 at the intersection of the Ashley and Cooper Rivers, it was a humble outpost in the South Carolina marshlands, far from civilization. My, how things have changed. By the late 1700s, Charleston had become a bustling port city with a thriving economy. The City