Ridge Spring-Monetta K-12 School


LS3P was enlisted to design a multi-phase addition/renovation to an existing middle school to create a 950-stuent, K-12 school for this community. Numerous visioning sessions were held with students, teachers, administrators, parents and the community to enlist feedback on their vision for this new comprehensive school.

The project is designed to be constructed over various phases. Once the high school is added on the existing middle school building, the old high school on the same site will be demolished. This will allow for new parking and re-working their athletic fields. The next phase will involve the elementary school addition where students from the existing elementary school will be relocated.

The design for this K-12 project was focused on creating a school where elementary students are separated from 6-12th grades, yet are able to share kitchen facilities and some administrative functions. The new facade along Trojan Road will provide a real identity to this community school.

PROJECT NAME: Ridge Spring-Monetta K-12 School

LOCATION: Ridge Spring-Monetta, SC

SIZE: 37,500 SF Existing; 211,500 SF Addition; 15,600 SF Renovation