Clemson Area Transit (CATBUS)

The City of Clemson and Clemson Area Transit (CAT) commissioned LS3P to design the first transit facility fully funded by the ARRA-TIGER Grant Program in the state of South Carolina.  This project also presents a unique process of funding delivery in which the originating capital is channeled through multiple agencies before reaching CAT.  CAT is one of the largest transit systems in the State of South Carolina based on ridership alone. Yet, based on the region’s demographics, CAT is still considered a rural transit system.  As a rural transit system, CAT does not report directly to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) like most transit systems of similar capacity.  CAT instead reports to the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) who, in turn, reports directly to the FTA.

The new 30,000 square foot multi-modal transit facility was designed utilizing sustainable design principles.  The design was executed in the same manner as a project tracking a LEED designation,  but without actually going through the LEED commissioning process.  The city and agency desired to have their facility serve as a model for sustainability, but felt that actual commissioning was prohibitively expensive. The new facility includes three major functional areas with the largest being a 23,000 square foot covered, open-air, Bus Storage Facility designed to accommodate 30 vehicles.  While, the site is equipped with conventional vehicle parking spaces for bus fleet personnel,  administrative staff and visitors – it also has the added capacity of offering charging stations for electric motor vehicles.


SIZE: 30,000 SF

FEATURES INCLUDE: Automated Bus Washing System; Office Space; Drivers’ Locker Rooms; Amenities for both Administrative and Operations Personnel; Public Service Area with Display Gallery; Multi-functional Training Space (serves as a community room after hours)