Charlotte Douglas International Airport Rental Car Facility & Hourly Parking Deck

A product of the 2010 CLT Facility Master Plan sessions by LS3P and The Wilson Group, the CLT Rental Car Facility and Hourly Parking Deck is a 7 level, 3.2 million square foot post-tensioned cast in place concrete structure. The 4 upper levels provide 4,400 spaces of premium hourly parking with the 3 lower levels containing a full service, multi-brand consolidated rental car facility located directly in front of Charlotte Douglas International Airport’s main terminal.

The siting and orientation of this project prioritizes proximity to the main terminal building while accommodating current and future infrastructure and roadway alignments, the new upper and lower passenger and commercial vehicle lane expansion project, both underground and overhead pedestrian walkways to the current main terminal and future main terminal expansions. The lowest level of the parking deck is designed to accommodate an automated people mover and transfer station.

Levels 1-3 are optimally designed for the operation of multiple rental car brands including level 1 quick turn-around facilities. This QTA includes 56 fueling dispensers, 8 automated car wash bays (expandable to 10), vacuum systems and car fluid distribution systems. Levels 2 and 3 are designed for rental car ready return (expandable to level 4) for each brand and the 2 level, 30,000 square foot ‘Class A’ rental car customer service facility directly accessible at grade level to customers walking from the main terminal.

Vertical vehicular circulation is provided via separate double stranded helices; one up and one down which maintain separate drive paths for rental car and hourly parking customers. These helices are designed to access 2 levels with each rotation, while providing access to every floor along the route. Circulating from grade to the roof level requires only 3 rotations.

Glass fiber reinforced column enclosures have replaced architectural precast from previous design iterations and the entire deck is illuminated with brilliant LED accent fixtures within the interior, ceilings and exterior facades. Ensuring passenger safety, security and visibility, the 12 stair and elevator towers throughout the structure utilize reinforced cantilevered concrete beams free of vertical columns to allow a clean and unobstructed view in and out from all angles. Illuminated by an uninterrupted ribbon of translucent ceiling panels top to bottom, each stairway appears to float iconically within these enclosures.


SIZE: 3,200,000 SF / 7,700 spaces

RECOGNITIONS: 2015 Excellence in Galvanizing Award