Cape Fear Community College Union Station Parking Deck

The Union Station Parking Deck is used by Cape Fear Community College students and faculty on a daily basis, as well as by the general public for special events at the future neighboring Humanities and Fine Arts Building. To take advantage of the natural terrain, the deck is accessible at two different levels and provides a pedestrian connection to the adjacent park. Brick veneer, architectural precast panels and a vegetated metal screen will help to camouflage the view of the vehicles inside of the five-story precast concrete deck.

The Deck houses a street side student art gallery and future sculpture garden at its Hanover Street Facade. Not only does this gallery exhibit student work at the pedestrian level, it also serves as a pre-function space.

The deck is located in CFCC’s downtown campus and serves the Union Station Building, a separate 250,000 SF academic building. The Union Station Building includes administrative offices, nursing labs and biology/chemistry labs, a 300-seat lecture hall, in addition to general purpose classrooms.


SIZE: 190,000 SF

FEATURES INCLUDE: 1,200 Car Parking Deck; Pedestrian Level Art Gallery