The John A. Holmes High School Design Team appreciates your time and input for this very important project. This project offers exciting opportunities for the students and the community of Edenton-Chowan County, and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

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A message from Dr. Michael Sasscer:

After careful consideration of the input received from community sessions, online surveys, and choices made by over 850 citizens for their design preference, the Edenton-Chowan Schools’ Board of Education is excited to announce their unanimous decision to replace the existing John A. Holmes High School with a gorgeous facility that, architecturally, will be a combination of Story 1 and Story 3. This decision blends elements of both stories into a single design that is rooted in the Edenton-Chowan community’s rich history while looking towards the future! (You may read more below)

The Board would like to express their sincere appreciation to our citizens and community leaders for their investment, voice and vision for the new home of our Aces! Thank you to the Town of Edenton and Destination Downtown Edenton, Inc. for presenting Resolutions of Appreciation and Support for the Planning and Design of the New John A. Holmes High School.

“Be it resolved that the Town of Edenton Council and the Destination Downtown Edenton Board of Directors expresses appreciation to the Edenton-Chowan Board of Education for the leadership in assuring that citizens’ opinions have been heard and for the thoughtful designs put forth by LS3P; and be it further resolved that the Edenton Town Council instills trust in the Board of Education to select the design that will be put forward that we will all be proud of and will be representative of our community.”


The Board of Education is excited to move forward with the replacement of the existing John A. Holmes High School. After an enthusiastic response to online surveys, clear preferences emerged for Story 1 (41% of respondents), which draws from Edenton’s historic civic architecture; and Story 3 (49% of respondents), which is more contemporary with elements of Edenton’s historic mill architecture. The design team and the Board of Education recommend a synthesis of both Story 3 and Story 1. This approach acknowledges the strong support that the community voiced for Story 1 as well as recommendations from the State Historic Preservation Office that the new building should recall historic elements from the existing John A. Holmes High School. The proposed concept combines elements of both stories into a single design that is rooted in the Edenton/Chowan community’s rich history while looking towards the future. The Broad Street façade will feature the traditional proportions, symmetry, entry columns, classical ornamentation, and brick detailing that reflect Edenton’s history and charm. Modern wings will bookend the monumental entry with references to timeless industrial mill spaces. The architectural language of the rear facade will be an inverse of the front, primarily defined by contemporary elements with nods to the Edenton’s historic architectural details.


The proposed conceptual approach creates two distinct entrances to the school: a community-facing Broad Street entrance that reflects the history of Edenton, and a student-facing entrance at the rear with a more contemporary expression which lends itself to the 21st century learning environments throughout the school. If the construction occurs in phases, the more traditional Broad Street façade would likely be completed first, and the more contemporary student-facing façade would be designed and constructed to complement the Phase I design.



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Dr. Michael Sasscer
Edenton-Chowan Schools

Rick Ott
Senior Executive Vice President
MB Kahn

David Beaty
Vice President of Project Development
MB Kahn

Mary Brehler, AIA, LEED AP
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K-12 Sector Leader

Christine Hilt, FASLA, PLA, LEED AP, CPD
K-12 Site Planner | Landscape Architect
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