Blake Reeves, AICP, LEED GA

Senior Urban Designer


Blake Reeves, AICP, is a Senior Urban Designer within LS3P’s Urban Environments Practice. In service of robust community building, he has led and advanced significant urban projects across the world. Blake specializes in master planning and strategy, where his proficiency for robust idea generation allows him to address complex challenges with innovative solutions that drive meaningful and effective change.

Blake is a champion for community development, and he has created a wealth of comprehensive plans and small area plans that employ regulatory frameworks to capture and enable the collective vision of a people. He is recognized for his inventive community engagement tools that respect each party’s role in the planning process. He seeks out opportunities where he can serve as a boots-on-the-ground advocate who makes a space for all people and their stories in a collective design. To this end, Blake’s work has been critical in shaping vibrant, inclusive, and welcoming mixed-use districts that provide more just and equitable outcomes for all.

An eager urbanist anthropologist, Blake always has his ear to the ground is keenly aware of the ways in which society and culture occupy the human built environment. As a storyteller, he sees urban design as the tool by which communities can creatively transcribe their history, ethos, and identity upon the public realm to create a sense of place and pride in that place. He has created many design guidelines that have been pivotal in shaping the character of one-of-kind settings.

Blake was born and raised in the Southeast, but before joining LS3P he worked with a global firm where he worked on prestigious international commissions. Through the Future of Places program, Blake also aided in crafting the public space recommendations for Habitat III, the United Nations’ third bi-decennial summit on cities, towns, and villages. He now brings that wealth of insight back to the region that he calls home, where is passionate about addressing the challenges that are unique to the Southeast with a sharp understanding of what makes for great communities the world over.

Blake holds both a Master of Science in Urban Design and a Master of City and Regional Planning from Georgia Tech, and he is actively involved with supporting those educational programs to cheer on the future urbanists that will shape this region.