Mixed-Use Dorm at College of Charleston

Charleston, SC

This privately developed, 400,000 SF mixed-use project houses retail space, apartments, a cafeteria, a housing facility, and a 600-car parking garage. Located in the center of downtown Charleston on the main thoroughfare between the campus and the downtown shopping district, the development features a variety of storefront types and shop sizes with an active street frontage.

The freshman housing facility is comprised of 2-bedroom suites and common areas, with a 25,000 SF cafeteria and multiple food-service options. Apartments for upperclassmen are 3-, 4-, or 5-bedrooms with kitchenettes.

The complex is designed to appear as three separate structures built in a tight urban setting. Brick is the predominant material of the apartment/retail component, while the dormitory/cafeteria building is clad in stucco. Both materials compliment the adjacent historic college and city structures. The precast concrete panels on the garage are compatible with the city’s historic district guidelines.


Developer: McAlister Development