Confidential Master Plan in North Carolina for Developer

North Carolina

LS3P + Kimley Horn team is developing visionary ideas to establish a new 360-acre mixed-use district. This district will establish a new commercial village while adding new commercial, residential, and recreational areas and cultivating civic opportunities. The district takes current commercial development trends and market realities into consideration; it also shapes a one-of-a-kind architectural character and a public realm which connects contemporary programs with small-town charm and the agrarian roots of the rolling landscape.

Within this work, our team is playing a critical role in connecting the goals of the municipality and the developer. In support of the municipality, we are putting clear guidelines around the development to protect and preserve the town’s spirit in the development types and aesthetic. We are also creating strategies and regulatory frameworks that enable development within clear parameters. In support of the developer, we are shaping a detailed master plan that guides the full build-out of real estate opportunities and the design of projects so that individual investments add up to a cohesive destination district.