Tell us about your role at LS3P.

I am currently serving as firmwide co-director of design for LS3P, but am still actively involved in project-specific design leadership on selective projects.


What’s inspiring you right now?

All the newfound ways that people have discovered to collaborate due to the pandemic restrictions of the past year.  If anything, I see the alternative types of digital collaborations as enhancements to, and not replacements for, the traditional creative methods architects have used.


What are your top 3 “desert island” items?

Fishing rod, Fine bourbon, classic SCIFI reading materials


What are the greatest challenges we’re facing in the industry?

Unpredictability and instability of commodities.  Commodities of human capital – (more work than talent available due to downward population of architects) and commodities of physical capital (materials, resources – raw goods used to build impacted by COVID/other disruptions in production).


What is your favorite hometown restaurant, and what should I order if I go there?

Mess Hall  in Wilmington, NC – any smash burger on the menu


What is your all-time favorite song?

Rusty Cage – Soundgarden


What advice would you give to someone just starting out in your role?

Be curious, have a lot of initiative, and don’t be afraid to stretch yourself as it relates to goals you see in your future.

About Danny

A member of the firm since 2009, Danny has a wealth of experience in both public and private projects throughout North Carolina and beyond. His design and project management experience in local, national and international projects with a diverse range of project types has given him a diverse professional experience over the past 25 years.

While practicing in Raleigh, NC and Washington DC, Danny’s project experience has ranged from residential and commercial adaptive reuse projects, to major corporate mixed use architectural projects, to urban and civic master plans and redevelopment studies. Outside of LS3P, Danny continues to be involved with community outreach programs through the Wilmington AIA and is a professional architectural and photojournalistic photographer.