Tell us about your role at LS3P.

 I am the K-12 sector leader for the Greenville office.  I am also the Greenville office representative for Alchemy, LS3P’s Knowledge Team dedicated to design excellence.


What’s inspiring you right now?

I have been paying close attention to vernacular buildings (barns) around me in Western North Carolina.  I’ve been inspired by the ingenuity and simplicity of them.  My barn built in the early 50’s does not have any HVAC, yet it is so much cooler inside in the summer and warmer in the winter – even with the doors wide open.  Catching a good angle for a breeze or shading harsh summer sun can go a long way in creating comfort.


Did you stockpile anything for the COVID quarantine? If so, what?

 Bubble Gum.  I got one of those giant tubs from Sam’s Club.


What are the greatest challenges we’re facing in the industry?

The biggest challenge right now is finding ways to do more with less.


What is your all-time favorite song?

 When I Was Done Dying by Dan Deacon


What advice would you give to someone just starting out in your role?

 Ask questions and listen.  Curiosity is your greatest ally.

About Jaime

Associate Principal Jaime Henderson brings a dedication to design excellence to each project.  With over 16 years of professional experience, Jaime has worked on a variety of project types including institutional, corporate, municipal, sports, recreational, residential, religious, medical, and judicial. Extensive travel abroad has given him a distinct set of skills that he shares with the design team. Working in the harsh climate of Phoenix, Arizona, has also given him an understanding of environmentally responsive design. Jaime’s passion for design excellence from conception to construction is evident in his award-winning projects.

Jaime spends his free time working around his nine-acre hobby farm in Fletcher, NC. He currently takes care of dogs, cats, miniature donkeys, goats, pigs, ducks, and chickens. He also designed and built an underground house that was featured on HGTV’s Tiny Paradise.