Wilmington native, Elliott O’Neal, was presented with the Rotary Club International Distinguished Service Award during the 2011 District Conference in Pinehurst. The very honorable award was presented by the Rotary District Governor, Magda Baggett.

Since his induction into the Wilmington Rotary Foundation in June of 1984, Elliott O’Neal has maintained perfect attendance. For 27 years, O’Neal’s devotion to “Service Above Self” has characterized his efforts in parallel with the Rotary Club’s efforts to make a difference both locally and worldwide.

An offspring of a past Rotary president, Elliott has been a multi-term District Treasurer, Secretary of the Rotary Club of Wilmington, and very involved in the organization from his induction. He has served as the club secretary since 1995 and the district treasurer since 2007.

O’Neal’s commitment to Rotary is mirrored by his service as an Associate Principal of LS3P Associates, where he has served since 1966. He is Director of Bidding and Contract Services and guides the architectural firm’s commitment to the public bid laws of North and South Carolina.