Bridging the Classroom and the Clinic

Specialized Facilities for Healthcare Provider Education

Wisdom tells us that we must learn to crawl before we can walk. We learn our ABCs before we tackle Shakespeare; we memorize our multiplication tables before we apply for work at NASA; we practice, practice, practice our way to Carnegie Hall. In many careers, our elementary steps are straightforward, our development is relatively independent, and making mistakes is an essential part of learning how to do things correctly.

In other careers, however, our learning is much more interpersonal, and our mistakes come with higher consequences. Take, for example, the field of healthcare. Students must master not only large amounts of academic knowledge, but also complex clinical skills involving real patients. These patients come with real health issues, and real emotions. The cost of errors is high. We all expect our healthcare providers to be professional, confident, and highly skilled. All of our healthcare professionals, however, must start out as students. How should we best prepare them?

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