Connecting the Built Environment to the Human Experience

A branded environment extends beyond using a specific color palette or logo, it is an identity woven into the framework of your space. Branded environments are no longer limited to multi-billion dollar organizations. We experience and interact with branded environments daily- from schools, hospitals, airports, offices, hotels, museums, and churches. These carefully crafted spaces utilize both graphic and architectural elements that integrate functionality and identity to create both authentic and immersive experiences for our all users.

Our expert team is trained in all aspects of visual communications- from brand identity to Experiential Graphic Design- to help define how people experience, understand, navigate, and interact with your brand. We facilitate the connection between people and places through identity, wayfinding, storytelling, and placemaking; conveying information and messaging in an accessible, engaging and memorable way. We embrace a holistic approach to visual communications that capitalizes on your unique vision and culture as the inspiration from the initial logo concepts to the journey throughout the built environment.

We can step in wherever: No matter where you are in the process we can step in work under your existing logo or brand identity or start from scratch.

Seamless integration: We integrate seamlessly with interiors, architecture and planning teams to visually represent your unique culture and brand throughout your space.

logo development

The logo is the most prominent and recognizable element of your brand, and as such, it plays a crucial role in establishing how your company is perceived and remembered.

Visual communication is at the core of every thriving brand, and a strong logo development process is essential for building a great brand strategy.

brand identity

Brand identity communicates the personality, values, and mission of a company or organization.

It established the visual, auditory, and experiential representation to its audience through its name, logo, color palette, typography, messaging, and other design elements.

branded environments

We use Experiential Graphic Design principles to create a built environment that connects people to your brand and creates a memorable experience.

A well-designed space can enhance the overall customer experience, create a sense of belonging and community among your team, and build long-lasting relationships to further your business.


A strong wayfinding system is essential for creating a positive user experience and ensuring that people can easily navigate and understand their surroundings.

By establishing a cohesive and consistent system, we enable users to become familiar with the services and functions of their environment, allowing them to move through the space intuitively and confidently.

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