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LEED Gold / 4 Green Globes

Our Commitment

LS3P is committed to smart, high-performance design with an eye towards wise use of natural, human, and economic resources. Our level of participation in the building industry mandates that we take a holistic approach to design, contributing towards a built environment which minimizes environmental impacts, promotes wellness for a building’s inhabitants, and uses resources wisely. LS3P adopted the industry-wide AIA 2030 Commitment in 2009, the first year of its inception. The 2030 Commitment focuses on reducing building energy consumption, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, conserving water, and improving air quality for all buildings. As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, LS3P also fosters expertise and education in smart design choices. We are deeply committed to the communities we serve, and we take a holistic approach to design. Best practices for responsible design ultimately benefit our clients, our communities, and our practice.


Your Goals

We understand that the expected useful lifespan of your building is 50-80 years, and that decisions made early in the design process will have long-term impacts. We will work closely with you at each project stage to determine the most appropriate strategies for your goals. We seek first to understand your project parameters and vision, and then to integrate common-sense measures to help you reduce environmental impacts, lower operating costs, and design healthier spaces for your building’s users. For example, a recent double-blind study comparing different levels of indoor air pollutants found that workers scored significantly higher on 9 cognitive function tests in healthier air than in polluted air. Click here for the study. As designers, our indoor materials selections can help you give your occupants a better environment in which to live, work, and thrive.  Many no-cost and low-cost best design practices such as selecting the best building orientation for your site can greatly reduce energy consumption over the life of your building. As experienced designers, we bring a core set of best practices to the table as we recommend smart choices tailored to each unique project.


Smart Choices

Whether your goals include lower utility bills, a better work environment, resilient design, net-zero energy, or third-party building certification, we can help you optimize your building resources to meet your needs. Additionally, we can help you

  • Coordinate with engineers to select the best energy and water systems for your budget
  • Optimize and test the building envelope, including high performance glass selection
  • Analyze early-stage energy and water use to look for greater ROI
  • Plan a highly efficient lighting layout with the latest lighting options including LEDs
  • Coordinate an indoor air quality evaluation before occupancy
  • Choose a commissioning agent and contract options that are right for you
  • Navigate tax deductions such as the IRS 179D program to owners of energy efficient commercial property
  • Pursue third-party certification through systems such as LEED, Green Globes, Energy Star, Living Building Challenge, Net Zero, WELL, and Evidence-Based Design

Questions? Contact us to start a conversation about what smart choices and high-performance design strategies can bring to your business.