Virginia Polytechnic Institute Perry Street Parking Deck

LS3P collaborated with Rentenbach Contractors on this design/ build parking deck project for 1,356 spaces. The 408,000 SF deck utilizes horizontal precast to reduce the perceived visual height of the facility, while the vertical elements capture the architectural character of the campus with “Hokie” stone, perforated stainless steel screen panels, and glass. The glass-enclosed stair towers project from the  façade  and identify the location of the vertical circulation systems. At night, the stair towers act as light beacons and clearly identify the entrances.

Sustainable design features promote a more energy efficient facility, increase the structure’s durability, and reduce its impact on health and the environment. Security strategies include minimizing obstructions, maximizing open space and natural light, using glass for visibility in stairwells and elevators, providing CCTV cameras, “blue light” security phones, and strategic lighting.

SIZE: 408,000 SF (1,356 spaces)

FEATURES INCLUDE: Enclosed Stairwells; Elevators; CCTV Security Cameras; Blue Light Security Phones