SCAD Pepe Hall

Pepe Hall, a former school, was erected in 1906, using the design of architect by Gottfrid L. Norrman. The 20,759 square foot Mediterranean Revival-style building has a battered brick basement and a central tapering bell tower above the entrance portico. SCAD commissioned a renovation for the Fibers Department which included a large loom studio and dye studio as well as diverse spaces for textile arts weaving, fabric design, screen printing, surface design and embellishment, and sculptural and environmental art. This phased renovation also include the historically sensitive addition of an elevator and other accessibility and life safety improvements. The project was honored with an AIA Savannah Citation Award and a Historic Savannah Foundation: Historic Preservation Award.

Location: Savannah, GA

Previous Firm: Dawson Architecture

Awards: Historic Savannah Foundation: Historic Preservation Award