Saks Majestic Square Parking Structure and Multi-Use Complex

The garage is part of a 285,000 SF complex that includes a Saks Fifth Avenue store and offices. Wrap-around office and retail spaces mask the four-level garage, and decorative masonry helps the new construction blend in with surrounding historic structures.

The entrance to the garage, situated in a recess between two stair and elevator towers, reduces the imposing mass of the north facade. The ramp connecting grade with the first parking level is hidden by a one-story retail component.

A study of a street elevation of the two blocks north and south of the site made it apparent that the height of the closely adjacent Riviera Theater’s front, with its fine Art Deco detailing, would be the linchpin for determining the height of the apparent mass of the development’s King Street facade.

By far the largest component of the building program is the parking garage, most of which fronts the small scale alley along its south side. The western half of this elevation, in particular, had to relate in scale to the nearby residences. For this reason, the facade was broken into smaller “house” forms with more open connective tissue in between. The result succeeded in relieving what could have been an unrelenting horizontality.


SIZE: 285,000 SF

FEATURES INCLUDE: 450-Parking Spaces; Retail Area; Office Space