Historic structure provides modern character

This notable 2-story structure, originally built in the late 1700’s as a warehouse for seafaring merchants, was renovated into an elegant family residence in the core of the historic district. The only remaining vestiges of the past visible inside the thick walls were the original heavy timber framing and the exposed brick of the exterior walls. The transformed space provides the elegance, convenience and comfort required of a modern home while maintaining its history. The graceful plan speaks to the simplicity of the original structure, with natural divisions of space inferred by the heavy timber columns providing the major organizing elements. 

The inherent qualities of the original materials were recognized for their character and the invaluable story they told. The rich texture of the historic brick and heavy timber were exposed and celebrated as materials that set the tone for the interiors. New materials, such as the rustic wood floors, cleanly detailed cherry wood kitchen cabinetry, and the refined white Carara Marble of the master bath, reinforce and complement the heavily textured historic materials. Arched windows in the existing brick wall, wash the spaces with natural light, and overlook a delightfully landscaped ornamental garden. Pendant light fixtures hanging in a variety of spaces throughout the residence utilize wrought iron as a material blending with the rustic historic character of the home.


PROJECT NAME: Rhye Residence

AWARDS:  Honor Award in Interior Architecture, American Institute of Architects Charleston Chapter; Merit Award in Historic Renovation, American Society of Interior Designers Carolinas Chapter; Residential Design Award Winner, International Interior Design Association.